Renew Sleep Oral Appliance Therapy Options

Oral Appliance Therapy is a good option for:

  • People with primary snoring
  • People with mild to moderate OSA
  • People who suffer from apnea and are unable to tolerate CPAP
  • People with healthy, disease free teeth
  • People who want to travel without having to bring a CPAP Machine

Advantage of oral appliance therapy:

  • They are Comfortable. Oral appliances are custom made for you. The device only touches your mouth so there is no need to worry about an uncomfortable strap over your head or your skin becoming irritated. A Oral appliance also allows you to sleep in whatever sleep position is most comfortable for you, no worrying about moving too much in your sleep or tubes becoming undone.
  • They are easy to use. Oral appliances have no replacement parts, there’s no need to plug them into an outlet.
  • They are silent. Unlike a CPAP, which continuously blows air and may disturb bed partners due to the non-stop humming sound. Oral Appliances make no such noise.
  • They are easy to transport. Oral Appliances are portable and come with their own case. They are small and lightweight, and won’t trigger a TSA inspection passing through security at the airport.
  • They are affordable. Oral appliance therapy is normally less costly than a CPAP. Medical insurance may also cover a portion of your Oral Appliance.

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I have only visited Dr. Beard twice, but so far my experience with her has been great. She is very kind and knowledgeable. I felt that she spent more than enough time with me and asked all the right questions. I am now beginning my therapy plan.

Jenny R.